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These disk images have been collected from 30+ year old floppies and may contain errors. They retain the copyrights of their various owners.

Screen shot File Screen shot File
Super Defender Super Defender for C2/C4
Horizontal scrolling shoot-em up © DMP Systems
Uses sub-character block graphics to double the effective resolution.
By Dave Pompea
Defender Super Defender Color for C2/C4
Horizontal scrolling shoot-em up © DMP Systems by Dave Pompea. Modified for color
Galaxia Galaxia for C2/C4
Galaxia using character graphics.
By Dave Pompea
Interceptor Interceptor for C2/C4
Defend your cities from waves of attacks with your interceptor.
By Dave Edson
MonsterMaze Monster Maze for C2/C4
PacMan clone by Dave Edson
Timetrek Time Trek for C2/C4
Classic Trek in "real time" BASIC program
Universe Universe for C2/C4
Horizontal scrolling game similar to Scramble © DMP Systems
Uses sub-character block graphics to smooth gameplay. By Dave Pompea
Cage Cage game
Shoot the stalactites before they reach you!
© Stankiewicz & Robinson, Victory Software
Minos Minos for C1
PacDude PacDude for C2/C4
unreleased PacMan clone with sound. Mike Weber
OSI Grand OSI Grand for C1
OSI Grand for C2/C4
Use trampoline to rescue burning building jumpers BASIC program © Stankiewicz & Robinson Victory Software
Invaders Invaders for C2/C4
multiplayer space invaders
Night Rider Night Rider for C1/C2/C4
BASIC & M.L. program
© Stankiewicz & Robinson, Victory Software
Street Sweeper Street Sweeper for C1
Street Sweeper for C2/C4
Clean the streets!
© Stankiewicz & Robinson, Victory Software
Pinball Pinball for C1
Pinball for C2/C4
BASIC program
© Stankiewicz & Robinson Victory Software
Ridge Cruiser Ridge Cruiser for C1
© Stankiewicz & Robinson, Victory Software
Mario Mario Bros. for C2/C4
Unreleased game concept hybrid program
High Noon High Noon
2 player joystick game for C4PMF
Asteroids Asteroids for C2/C4
95% finished OSI version


Theif, Targa, Space Invasion, and Collide by Dave Edson

and anything else! Thanks!
I had a hard time deciding what to do with these old copyrighted pieces of historical computing. I don't intend to infringe on the copyright or intellectual property rights of their owners, and will remove any file, or get the appropriate permissions, if the owner(s) can be found.

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