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Thanks to all the OSI contributers, including Bill Dromgoole, Mike P, Mikromike, Michael Lenz, Jim Wennblom, David F., Earl Morris, Mark Endicott, B Degnan, Dan Schwartz, SirThomas, Ron Tidd, Ron Pesch, Al Kossow, Art Stein, Ron Bihler, Jason P.
And all other I have missed!
C1P Description
C1P-ServiceManual.pdf Service Manual for OSI 600 & 610 boards
C1P-UserManual.pdf Superboard Challenger 1P User Manual (preliminary)
basicnotes.pdf C1P Basic Memory map

OSI_8K_Basic_in_ROM.pdf OSI Basic In ROM user guide
SAMS_C4P.pdf C4P 502, 505, 527, 540, 542 Service manual
C4P-OperatorsManuals.pdf C4P Operations Manual (160pg)

OS65D-refcard.pdf Summary of OS65D commands
OS65D_V3.2-Dissasembly.pdf Disassembly of OS-65D
DiskDriverRoutines.txt Commented diassembly of OS65D disk driver Ed's disassembly of OSI 65D V3.3 disk utilities Ed's disassembly of OSI 65D V3.2, V3.3 BASIC

OS65U.pdf OS65U V1.44 Manual
MacomOSI.pdf 1982 brochure of M/A-COM OSI product lines, incl. OS65D CS-100 and OS65U Keysystems

MPI_B51-B52_Product_Manual_Long.pdf MPI B51/B52 5.25" Floppy disk drive manual
hazeltine_1420-rm.pdf Hazeltine 1420 Terminal Reference Manual
SA1000_Servc_Dec80.pdf Shugart SA1000 Hard drive service manual
SA1000_OEMmanual.pdf Shugart SA1000 Hard disk OEM manual
FDD100-8_V1.pdf Seimans FDD100-8 8" Floppy disk drive OEM manual
FDD100-8_V2.pdf Seimans FDD100-8 8" Floppy disk drive Maintenance manual incl. schematics
SA800_OM.pdf Shugart SA800/801 8" Floppy disk OEM manual
50575-4_SA800_Maint_Feb78.pdf Shugart SA800/801 Maintenance Manual
50576-4_SA800_Parts_May77.pdf Shugart SA800/801 Parts Manual
50664-1_SA800_TheorOp_May78.pdf Shugart SA800/801 Theory of operation manual
drive-tech-info!.txt Herb Johnson's floppy disk drive technical notes

OSI-65V.pdf OS 65V Rom monitor instructions
OSI-Assembler_Editor.pdf OSI Assembler Editor Manual
Wp6502.txt Some WP6502 instructions
Aardvark Catalog.pdf Aardvark Technical notes & useful programs

OSI 1976 Winter Catalog.pdf OSI 1976 catalog
OSI 1976 Order Form.pdf OSI winter 1976 order form & dealers
OSIWinter80Cat.pdf OSI December 1980 product catalog
OSIC28PSalesFlyer.pdf OSI C8P Sales Flyer
OSICat.pdf OSI product line pamphlet
OSIChallenger.pdf OSI Challenger product line